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Syrian Voices is a participatory community history project which records the testimonies of Syrian refugees now re-settled across the UK. This project explores what it means to be a refugee in the UK today, as well as how new transnational identities are constructed.

A core aim of the Syrian Voices project is to build networks of support and skill-sharing between participants, NGOs, voluntary organisations and members of the wider community. We invite new Syrian participants from all backgrounds and walks of life.

We hope to create a lasting institutional archive of around 50 recorded interviews for future historians and researchers using filmed testimonies, zoom recordings and photos. We will also hold termly seminars and events with our collaborators. A series
of short documentary films illustrating individual stories will be posted on our TORCH website going forward. Get in touch with us there if you’d like to find out more and join our project!





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Acknowledgements: Project collaborators: Mehreen Saigol (Filmmaker and Community Sponsorship organiser) and Elisabeth Bolorinos Allard (Co-Convenor on the Conversations on Identity, Ethnicity and Nationhood TORCH/Stanford House seminar Series). We are very grateful for the recent funding provided by the TORCH Humanities Cultural Programme. The project would not have been able to get off the ground without the practical and moral support of Meryem Kalayci, Chaplain of St Hilda’s College, Nikki Carter and Holly Knights of TORCH. The project has also received the kind support of Lyndal Roper, Martin Conway, John Watts and Priya Atwal of the Oxford History Faculty. External supporters include Hannah Feldman (Sponsor Refugees; Citizens UK) and Gilberto Estrada Harris (Oxford Asylum Welcome), Elizabeth Parker (Getting Court) and producer/film cameraman Nick London and Stephanie Solywoda of Stanford University in Oxford. Also, Amanda Waggot and Anthony Biggs of the Playground Theatre, London;Charlotte Eagar and William Stirling of The Trojan Women’s Project; and Joe Murphy of the Good Chance Theatre. Asylum Welcome and Citizen’s UK supported the project from the outset and introduced us to many participants.

Syrian Voices is a community history project supported by Oxford University and TORCH recording individual perceptions of conflict, diaspora and resettlement of Syrian refugees across the UK.